From Republic of Texas

The Sicota Club is a resource lending, trading, and management company developed to fill an inexplicable void in Orbis: a resource-centric bank. In short, we offer three products that are all resource-oriented.

What we offer

The Sicota Depot is a way for you to borrow resources as resources, and then repay that loan using resources. In more direct terms, let’s say you borrow 100,000 food with an interest of 1% per week. You’d pay at least 1,000 food per week until you paid off your loan. For this product, we have zero interest in money. You borrow and pay in the same resource with interest applied as that resource.

The Sicota Exchange is a way for you to list resources for bulk exchange. Sicota will either handle the transaction discreetly for you or will allow you to list your resources at your own pace and rate directly. We charge a flat rate of 5% of the resource (not money) to process its sale for you.

Finally, Sicota’s Reservoir is a savings account for your resources. You invest your resources with us and earn a fixed interest on those resources as those resources. Let’s say your account has a 1% interest rate and you’ve deposited 100,000 food. Each month you’d earn 1,000 food which we would deposit into your account. You’d be free to withdraw and store as much as you’d like, however, to eliminate some of the risks associated with paying interest on balances, we delay the payment by a month. So you would receive your January interest on March 1st, your February interest on April 1st, and your March interest on May 1st. Our delayed payment ensures that we’re always able to meet the demand, and also limits your ability to manipulate your balance.

How you invest

If you recognise the potential for explosive income and are looking to invest, we have just the opportunity. We have two levels of investor: Bedrock Founders & Mineral Wellsprings.

  • Our Bedrock Founders are the three founding individuals who came together to form our company which you’ll reap the tremendous reward by being an investor, and each of them contributed at least half a billion dollars. Each Bedrock Founder receives 10% of our company’s profit paid monthly.
  • Our Mineral Wellsprings are our investors who have contributed towards our long-term success. There is no limit to how much an investor may provide; however, there is a soft limit on how much money they will earn. We allocate a total of 20% of our monthly profits to the Mineral Pool. From that, each of the Wellsprings draws proportionately to their contribution. A Wellspring that has contributed half of the total pool will, therefore, drawback half of the month’s profit sent to the pool.
  • The remaining 50% of our monthly profits are invested back into Sicota. By doing this, we are assured always to be growing, thus growing your money.

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