House of Grealind

From Republic of Texas

The Most Noble and Royal House of Grealind is the current regnal house of the Kingdom of Resvernas, and has been since King Grealind I ascended the throne on 20 July 2000.

Portrait Regnal Name Reign Style as Reigning Monarch
Resvernas.11.Grealind.png King Grealind I 2000-2024 King Grealind of Resvernas, of Kouston, of Vonara, and of Tejas; Duke of Penberry and Thames; Earl Velaryon and Master of the Tides; Potentate of the Clique, Arbiter of Confusion, and Caretaker of Duat, the Deity Thoth; Governor over His Dominions and Protector of the River.
Resvernas.12.Phoebe.png Queen Phoebe, Duchess of Salcombe and Kingsbridge 2024-2049 The Queen Phoebe, Governor of Her Dominions and Protector of the River.
Resvernas.13.Grealind II.png King Grealind II 2049-Present The King Grealind, Second of His Name, Governor of His Dominions and Protector of the River.

The Driftmark titles were transferred to the Office of the President of Texas by Queen Phoebe as her first official act as Reigning Monarch. Her second was to truncate her Reigning Style to be much less ostentatious than that of her father's.