House of Penberry

From Republic of Texas
Portrait Regnal Name Reign Notes
Resvernas.01.Easton.png Lord Easton the Brute 1629-1682 Master of Penberry and the Resvernans
Resvernas.02.Herbert.png Duke Herbert of Penberry, King of the Resvernas 1682-1751 Ruled under regency 1682-1671, and then until his death. Died 1751.
Resvernas.03.Philipp.png King Philipp of the Resvernas, Duke of Penberry 1751-1768 Born 1717, died 1768.
Resvernas.04.Christian.png King Christian of the Resvernas, Duke of Penberry 1768-1799 Born 1735. Died 1799.
Resvernas.05.Demago.png King Demago, Duke of Penberry 1799-1846 Born 1777, only son of King Christian I. Unified the warring Kingdoms, cementing Penberry as the ruling house of Resvernas. Married Chieftaness Merideth of the Hightower Clan. One son, Greene I. Died 1846.
Resvernas.06.Greene.png King Greene of Resvernas, Duke of Penberry 1846-1851 Born 1809, only son of King Demago I and Merideth, Chieftaness of Hightower. There is significant suspicion surrounding his death, with contemporaries believing his wife and mother had colluded to install his son as King. Died 1851 as King of Resvernas, Duke of Penberry
Resvernas.07.Demago II.png King Demago II of Resvernas and of Kouston, Duke of Penberry 1851-1895 Born 1846 as Edward, only son of King Greene I. Two sons, Prince Arthur who died one day old, and King Anson I. Married Meghan, Queen of Vonara. Chose to honor grandfather in choosing regnal name. Abdicated 1895 as King of Resvernas and of Kouston, Duke of Penberry. Died 1944.