Resvernas Department of Defence

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The Department of Defence is the Resvernan government department responsible for implementing the defence and security policies set by His Majesty’s Government. It is the headquarters of the combined Realms Armed Corps.

The Department’s principle objectives are to defend the Kingdom of Resvernas, its satellites, and interests and to strengthen regional peace and stability. With the recent engagements in the Orbis region now behind us, the Department does not currently anticipate any military threats. Instead, a concern for the safety and security of the Digiterran citizens are a primary concern.

Minister of Defence: Percy Fines, The Viscount Wellman

The Office of the Minister of Defence is chiefly responsible for coordinating and overseeing every facet of the massive Department of Defence and all of its sub departments.

Deputy Minister – Armed Forces: Sir Kevin A. Hightower

The Office of the Deputy Minister for the Armed Forces has the responsibility for ensuring that the pivotal role of our ground forces remains unparalleled, and that we retain the dominant position wherever applicable. The Deputy Minister for the Armed Forces is General Sir Kevin A. Hightower; a member of the House Hightower, whose family has served the Kingdom for generations in similar capacities.

Deputy Minister – Navy: Sir Harris W. Bywater

The Office of the Deputy Minister for the Navy oversees all naval activities and services throughout the realms. The Deputy Minister for the Navy is Admiral Sir Harris W. Bywater; a member of House Bywater, whose family co-founded the Kingdom.

Deputy Minister – Air Force: Richard E. Mann

The Office of the Deputy Minister for the Airforce is charged with directly managing the combined air forces of the Kingdom. Working closely with the Balder, Digiterra, and Orbis State Security departments, challenging situations are easily accomplished. The Deputy Minister for the Airforce is Air Chief Marshall Richard E. Mann, a consummate gentleman who served in both Tejas border conflicts on Digiterra.

Deputy Minister – Balder State Security: Edgar Stephens

The Office of the Deputy Minister for Balder State Security is tasked with overseeing territorial security for the largest segment of the Kingdom: Balder. By taking advantage of an impressive length of peacetime innovation, the Office has leapt far and ahead of any other state in securing our Balder borders and protecting our citizens. The Acting Deputy Minister for Balder State Security is Edgar Stephens, a former University Professor who made a mid-life change at the behest of his longtime adversary and former student, Anthony Brandon, his counterpart in Orbis State Security.

Deputy Minister – Digiterra State Security: Reinhard A. Gold

The Office of the Deputy Minister for Digiterra Security is charged with overseeing and directing the security and defenses of all Resvernan territories and interests on Digiterra. Through a combination of strategic relationships and alliances, and with diplomatic support from both State and Atlas, our citizens on Digiterra are safe, and have remained so for years without incident. The Acting Deputy Minister for Digiterra State Security Reinhard A. Gold, who agreed to step in the role on an interim basis as a favor to King Grealind, his longtime friend from school.

Deputy Minister – Orbis State Security: Anthony J. Brandon

The Office of the Deputy Minister for Orbis State Security is tasked with coordinating and supervising the safety and defenses of the territories and interests on Orbis. The Deputy Minister for Orbis State Security is Sir Anthony J. Brandon, whose brother and father passed away during the first Terminus Invasion of Orbis, has been a leading advocate for steady and proactive security, including through nuclear armament. He has a Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering from one of the most prestigious universities in Resvernas.

Deputy Minister – Veterans Affairs: Ellen Hill

The Office of the Deputy Minister for Veterans helps all our heroes and patriots who have served their country receive whatever benefits they need. Veterans serves both citizens who have engaged in active duty, as well as the more common mandatory service that all citizens go through when they turn 16. The Deputy Minister for Veterans is Admiral Ellen Hill, a career woman who has helped to shatter the so-called glass ceiling.