Flags & Seals

Flag of the Presidency

Dubbed the "Double Star," the Flag of the Presidency is a blue solid flag with two stars separated by a red bar.

Flag of Second Republic

Dubbed the "Land Flag," the Flag of the Second Republic is an adaptation on the Lone Star Flag, and was officially ratified and signed into law under President Harold M. Greene in honor of the centennial. The red and blues are more vibrant than the original flag, representing the promise of newness that a new century can bring.

Flag of the Capitol

Dubbed the "Longhorn Flag," the Flag of the Capitol is the official flag flown throughout the City and State of Austin.

Flag of Republic

Dubbed the "Lone Star Flag," the Flag of the Republic is the historic, centuries old banner that has flown across the nation.

Seal of the Republic

Texas, One and Indivisible. This is the creed of the Republic of Texas. Emblazoned on our seal are the flags of the nations that laid claim to our lands before our triumphant secession and independence movement.