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The Kingdom of Resvernas is a semi-autonomous state within the Republic of Texas. Officially, it is an independent constitutional monarchy, however in practice since the 1968 unification it has adapted its legislative and judicial bodies to mirror that of Texas.

The Queen of Resvernas is the head of the Royal Family and the head of state of Resvernas. Under the 1968 constitution, the role is purely symbolic, although the position continues to garner considerable public respect. In matters of protocol, the King is first to enter the room when in Resvernas, and enters alongside of or immediately behind the President when in Texas.

Since 2000, coinciding with the election of the Greene dynasty in Texas, the Crown and all its rights now passes in an absolute primogeniture form. This ensures that the eldest child of the monarch and their descendants will always inherit the throne. This change also affected all other titles of nobility within Resvernas.

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