Nicholas Xavier Greene

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Nicholas Xavier Greene is the current and 9th President of the Republic of Texas, taking office on 8 August 2040 from his predecessor and uncle, Paul Greene. Under his leadership, Texas created the Taith Group, a major national Corporation with long-term ally, De Cymru. As part of his duties as President, he serves as its Co-Managing Partner. His most notable accomplishments include significantly bolstering the financial well-being of the nation, and securing multiple treaties guaranteeing the safety of the nation.


As President, Nick held the prestige;

  • Taith Group's Co-Managing Partner
  • Spera Bank's Chairman of the Board
  • Earl Velaryon, Lord of Driftmark and Master of the Tides; Seven Kingdoms
  • Prime Minister of Resvernas

The Queen Phoebe bestowed upon him personally the non-hereditary title Count Tejas-Monclova, a nod to the former Resvernan territory of Tejas that was centuries later incorporated into the Republic of Texas.