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= Investing into Spera =
= Investing into Spera =
{{:Spera Bank Investing}}
{{:Spera Bank FAQ/Investing}}
== Investor's Bill of Rights ==
== Investor's Bill of Rights ==

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Spera Bank was founded in late November 2019. Csans and General of the Union bought the rights to the bank from a new player and decided to run the bank as a joint venture. The word ‘Spera’ is Latin for trust and we believe that this name epitomizes our ethos:

Mission Statement

“Our aim for this bank is to make Orbis a good environment for investors again - so that they can again trust in institutions like ours, without fear of their money being stolen or scammed. Investors will be treated fairly and with respect and at the same time, their investment will be put to good use for the community, so that smaller nations and alliances can get fair loans, but with little risk to the bank. At Spera, we will not be doing multi-billion dollar loans, and will most likely not accept multi-billion dollar investments - small nations will be encouraged just as much as large ones to invest, and both will reap the rewards. We appreciate that this will be hard, but we feel that it will be for the good of Orbis if this environment can be established again and we will do all that we can for that to become possible.”

Here at Spera Bank we pride ourselves on our integrity, equitableness, and outstanding customer service. We also value the privacy of all of our clients, whether they are investors or borrowers. Yet above all, we place huge value on transparency, therefore we will provide weekly, monthly and quarterly updates on all of our operations.

We hope that you have a great experience at Spera Bank and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Investor Policies


Spera Bank has a total of 10,000,000 shares in existence. Of these, 5,000,000 (50%) are available to the public. Please note that there is a minimum investment of $10,000,000 and a maximum investment that is dependent on the amount of shares already sold. The share price was originally set at $500 ppu.


Rights and Rewards for Investors

  • The amount of profit that goes to investor dividends is proportional to the amount of shares sold. For example, if all the shares were sold, 50% of the banks profit would go to dividends, but if only 1,000,000 shares had been sold, 10% of the profit would go to dividends. The rest would be put in reserve.
  • The dividends for each investor are proportional to their amount of ownership - ie. if you own 1% of the bank (100,000 shares), you would get 1% of the profit in dividends.
  • Every investor will receive dividends monthly. Dividends will be paid on Saturday.
  • Every Investor is automatically a member of the board.
  • The number of votes that an Investor has is entirely based on their ownership of the company. For every 1000 shares that an investor owns, they receive one vote.
  • An investor may sell their shares to any other shareholder, at any time. The Bank's management must be notified of any transactions. In the future, a public share market will be opened.
  • If a shareholder goes inactive for over two weeks, without prior notice, their dividends may not be sent to them. Instead these dividends will be redistributed.
  • If a shareholder is inactive for over two months (excluding vacation mode, with prior communication), their shares may be auctioned off among other shareholders. The rules for this will be set out if and when they are needed.
  • The bank has the right to buy shares back from the investor at any time, at a price agreed by both parties.
  • In the infinitesimally unlikely event of the bank going bankrupt, the management will do everything in its power to ensure that shareholders are remunerated to the greatest extent possible, however, shareholders should note that buying shares comes with inherent risk and there is absolutely no guarantee that your investment will be reimbursed.

Policies Regarding Bonds

At the present time, the Board of Directors has not implemented any policies regarding Bonds, and this product is not currently available.

Policies Regarding Savings Accounts

At the present time, the Board of Directors has not implemented any policies regarding Savings Accounts, and this product is not currently available.

How do we store the money safely?

We are sure that you’ll appreciate that we can’t say exactly where all of the money is stored at all times, however, we can say that we have a variety of different options. Each of these places has been thoroughly vetted by us and we are sure that all the money is in the safest and most capable hands (if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be running a bank).

Loan Policies

At Spera Bank, we believe in offering fair loans to everyone. We believe that we have achieved this aim with the loans that we offer. It should be noted that the riskier the loan is for us, the higher the interest rate is. Loans are generally given out for between 2 and 12 weeks. Loans above $300m will be done on a case-by-case basis.

It’s important to note that these are guidelines, but not a rule. Loans will be given out (or not given out) at the sole discretion of bank management and these guidelines may not necessarily preclude you from or enable you to receive a loan.

Nation Loans

Interest Rates are at the discretion of bank management, however, in the vast majority of cases, they will be within the guidelines shown.

Loan Size Requirements Interest Payable
$10 million - 350 million No specific requirements, although the bank may deny your request for any reason. 4% to 6% weekly
$30 million - $50 million Over 30 Days Old % to 5.5% weekly
$50 million - $100 million Over 60 Days Old 3.5% to 5% weekly
$100 million to $200 million Over 100 days old. The bank may request that it is either cosigned by an alliance, or collateral provided 3% to 4.5% weekly
$200 million plus Over 100 days old and of a top 50 alliance. The bank may request that it is either cosigned by an alliance or collateral provided 2% to 4.5%


We offer the following rate deductions:

  • Regular Customer: -0.1%
  • Co-signed by a top 30 alliance: -0.1%
  • Loan paid within 3 weeks: -0.1%

These deductions are stackable.

Alliance Loans

Alliance Loans are done on a case-by-case basis. If you are looking for a loan, please get in touch. The interest will never be below 1.5% and never above 5%.


We offer the following rate deductions:

  • Regular Customer: -0.1%
  • Co-signed by a top 30 alliance: -0.1%
  • Loan paid within 3 weeks: -0.1%

These deductions are stackable.

Loan Conditions

  1. By taking a loan from Spera Bank, you agree to waive your alliance protection and the protection of any organization you might be a part of. We reserve the right to take any action necessary in the event of a default.
  2. Loanees must stay in our server doing the duration of their loan. Leaving the server, without informing the bank and obtaining approval prior to doing so, before paying back the loan shall be considered a default.
  3. In the event a borrowing alliance disbands or gets couped and defaults on their loan, the government and/or the couper will be held responsible for the outstanding debt.
  4. Loan installments must be paid on Friday of every week by 23:59 game time. A grace period of 24 hours may be allowed, at the discretion of the bank, however, after that there will be added interest of 1% (compounding) daily. Non-payment for more than 7 days will be considered a default.
  5. Interest is payable every week. So even, for example, you take out a $100m loan at 4% interest and pay it all back in week one, you should still pay $104m total.

Loans & Lending Conditions

Spera Bank Loans and Lending Conditions

Investing into Spera

Spera Bank FAQ/Investing

Investor's Bill of Rights

Spera Bank Investor Bill of Rights

Spera Bank Loyalty System

Spera Bank Loyalty Programme