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=== Q: How do I make money from my investment? ===
=== Q: How do I make money from my investment? ===
* If you've taken the awesome step of becoming a Spera Bank Shareholder, then you earn dividends. Spera pays 50% of its profits as dividends proportionally to its Shareholders monthly, at the end of each month.
{{:Spera Bank FAQ/Investing}}
* Investors who have chosen to purchase [[Spera Bank Bonds|Zero-Coupon Bonds]] will receive their original investment plus the interest at the maturity date of their bond. There are no intermediate payments.
* Patrons who choose to open [[Spera Bank Savings Accounts|savings accounts]] with us receive monthly interest paid on the balance of their account balance. We follow the novel practice of paying interest on the average balance for the entire month. This discourages dishonest and generally negative individuals from depositing large balances at the end of the month and then trying to withdraw them at the beginning of the month.
=== Q: Can I get a Loan? ===
=== Q: Can I get a Loan? ===

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Q: What is this?

This is Spera Bank. The word ‘Spera’ is Latin for trust and we believe that this name epitomises our ethos:

“Our aim for this bank is to make Orbis a good environment for investors again - so that they can again trust in institutions like ours, without fear of their money being stolen or scammed. Investors will be treated fairly and with respect and at the same time, their investment will be put to good use for the community, so that smaller nations and alliances can get fair loans, but with little risk to the bank. At Spera, we will not be doing multi-billion dollar loans, and will most likely not accept multi-billion dollar investments - small nations will be encouraged just as much as large ones to invest, and both will reap the rewards. We appreciate that this will be hard, but we feel that it will be for the good of Orbis if this environment can be established again and we will do all that we can for that to become possible.”

Here at Spera Bank we pride ourselves on our integrity, equitableness and outstanding customer service. We also value the privacy of all of our clients, whether they are investors or loanees. Yet above all, we place huge value on transparency, therefore we will provide weekly, monthly and quarterly updates on all of our operations.

Q: How do I invest in Spera Bank?

If you're asking about how to invest money into our bank, there are three ways you can do so. You can purchase Zero-Coupon Bonds, deposit money into a Savings accounts, or purchase shares from existing Shareholders.

Q: How many shares exist?

When Spera underwent its IPO, it did so with the understanding that while a total of 5 million shares would be made available, an additional 5 million shares could be released without the bank undergoing any share splits or buy-backs. There currently only exists a total of 5 million shares, however the opportunity does exist for the bank to have up to a total of 10 million shares in existence.

Q: That’s all well and good, but how can I trust you?

Spera Bank was created with the mantra and guiding principles to be honest, open, and fair in all of our dealings. We utilize multiple, secure locations thoroughly vetted from top alliances and companies to store our funds. We are led by our Shareholders, and ultimately our Shareholders are the biggest reason for our success. We have multiple safeguards in place to ensure that there is significantly reduced risk to investors, however the nature of the banking and lending industry is that sometimes, bad people happen. We can do all of our due diligence on a customer, and then they can go and delete themselves or find their pockets picked so completely that not even lint remains. We have policies, procedures, and systems in place to mitigate these issues.

Q: How do I make money from my investment?

Spera Bank FAQ/Investing

Q: Can I get a Loan?

Of course! Pretty much everyone is eligible for a loan (the amount does depend on a number of factors though, for more info, please see the charter). The interest rates are extremely competitive and you will find that they are often better than any of the other banks in Orbis. If you have any questions at all about taking out a loan, please reach out to an Executive on our Discord.

Q: Do you do Savings Accounts?

At the present time we're fine-tuning the way that our savings accounts will work. Expect to see that option become widely available in the very near future.